Got your intern doing your social media? Good for you! Enjoy not getting any results.

The people who said social media was a fad have all quieted down, but there are many business owners who still don’t take it seriously. If you’re ready to take advantage of your competitors’ ignorance and see results beyond “Likes,” we’d love to have a conversation with you. At Mastodon Media we can teach you how to turn your passive customers into loyal ones, and your loyal customers into brand evangelists.

Our Social Media Strategy & Management Services Can Help You With:

Top of Mind Awareness

TV has long been used for top of mind awareness using a guy in a bad toupee yelling at people. Now you can do the same thing for a lot less money with social media, no hairpiece required.

Content Marketing

Consumers today run from traditional advertising like they ran from MySpace. With a proper content marketing strategy you can still “sell” to your customers without them realizing it.

"Social" Media

Many businesses only do the “media” part of social media. The “social” part lets your customer become BFFs with your business (instead of looking at it as a drunk uncle who’s always asking for money).

Your Brand Persona

What is your brand’s voice? Respected thought leader? Funny? Snarky? Mastodon Media will help you define and execute your social media persona across platforms so you stand out online like a cowboy in neon pink chaps.

Audience Targeting

Mass media requires wasting money advertising to people who will never buy from you. Social media allows you to whisper directly to your ideal customer. Just don’t whisper in a creepy way.

Humanizing Your Brand

People can’t relate to businesses. Social media done right will remind people that your business is made up of people. And maybe an office iguana.