Word of mouth has always been considered the ultimate referral, but now the internet has made it so that everyone can talk to everyone. Because of this, your reputation is more important than ever.

The first step to an awesome reputation is taking great care of your customers. That’s up to you. The next piece is maintaining it online, and that’s where Mastodon Media’s expertise can help, whether you have a bad online reputation, or no reputation at all.

Our Reputation Management Services Include:

Review Management

As of this typing there are 9,872,421,341 different review sites. Wait is that right? Either way there are too many for you to worry about. We monitor all the major review sites and make sure you’re informed if a problem needs to be fixed.

Branding Consultation

Does your online brand look like a company people are happy to give money to? Or does it look like your cousin’s business she started 9 minutes ago? Let us make sure your business looks professional and credible across the internet.

Review Building

Some jerk named Kyle just left you a 1-star review because his highness wasn’t treated like a king. If you have hundreds of 5-star reviews, Kyle’s is meaningless. We can dramatically increase your base of positive reviews.

Crisis Management

We’ve all reacted emotionally before having a chance to think. When you do this online, you’re doing it in front of the world. The good news is you can usually recover (unless you’re Roseanne) and we can help.

Review Reporting

Over time, reviews can reveal weaknesses in your business. We can monitor those trends and let you know where you might need to make internal improvements (in your business, I’m sure you’re awesome internally as a person).

Social Complaint Management

Sometimes your customers post a public review or tag your company so you’re well aware of it. Other times they don’t. We can monitor the internet so you can address issues before they escalate.