The internet has completely changed how we consume information. Now, businesses have the challenge of adapting their advertising strategies every time a new piece of technology is introduced or a new software update is released. Digital advertising, it seems, is the new frontier of the ad world, and no one knows how to navigate its choppy waters and unpredictable landscapes quite like our team of digital advertising experts.

The internet is a dynamic space, which in turn calls for a dynamic style of advertising. At Mastodon Media, we create unique digital advertising solutions to meet specific business goals and objectives. This allows for hyperefficient budget allocation, so you’re only investing where you’ll see the highest ROI.

Our Digital Advertising Services Include:


What if you could jump in front of your customers the moment they want to buy? We can help. Our geeks consistently beat the CPC* of other geeks. *Not Coconut Piña Coladas, although we kick ass at making those too.

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People speak different phrases than they type. Are you ready for the voice search era? “Alexa, where is the best steakhouse in Nashville? Also, play me some Notorious B.I.G.”


Your Mom can put up a Facebook Ad, but she’d probably waste a lot of your money doing it. We do social ads right – the right cost, the right targeting, at the right moment.


Advertise on the biggest websites in the world, all while staying within your budget. Your business isn’t too small to advertise on, The Huffington Post, and


Ever been chased around the internet after visiting a web page? It’s creepy when it’s you, but it’s amazing when it’s your potential customers.


Advertising to customers 50 miles from your business can be a waste of money, but what if you could reach the customers that are already a few blocks away from your front door? We can.