You can’t be good at everything.

So, we have a team of highly specialized humans to help you.

The Big Three

The previous headline is not in reference to any bathing suit areas. It’s simply meant to point out these are our fearless leaders. 


Captain of the ship…

Chief Operations Officer & Founder. Matt is the leader of the pack. He’s the one that makes sure all of us have the resources we need to help you. He’s also REALLY into developing companies and people. Learn more about Business Discipleship here.


Your sales whisperer…

Chief Executive Officer. Alicia is loud, in your face, and has a DEEP passion for making your business hum. Chances are she has an idea for your business already. She is an artist when it comes to seeing what you need, and getting the rest of us to make it happen. 


Gives you the data…

Chief Innovation Officer. John is the nerd behind all your data. He’s also REALLY good at making sure we’re as transparent as possible. Probably one of the few people who is comfortable showing the data, even if it’s not good.

The Creative

These peeps are primarily responsible for the actual branding you’ll end up with. It’s not that Matt isn’t creative, these guys are just … you know … better.


Helps your marketing strategy.

Chief Marketing Officer. Jerry has helped numerous brands grow, and has been invited to speak at several conferences. He’s our strategy guy. He’s the one that will dial in all the channels you’ll be dominating.


Steps up your creativity game.

VP Media & Programming. Brad is an 18 year radio veteran. As a millennial with an old dude brain, Brad has a blend that simply works. He’s a utility player. He also runs our podcast network Go Full Volume.


Literally makes you look good.

Graphic Designer. Taylor is the guy that makes everyone else on our team keep their word. That genius campaign we come up with is only as good as Taylor’s design. Scary? No. We trust him. You should too.

The Machine

Without these three, the company would be virtually useless. These three handle the actual production of content. They keep the engine running.


Makes your content calendar a reality.

Community Manager. Randi is the one behind the posts. She is working hard to make sure your customers are engaged with your brand. She’s your ‘person.’


The builder of your content.

Content Manager. Nabanita is obsessed with SEO-backed online content development and marketing. She’s the former editor of Brunch — with a monthly paying readership of over 12 million.


Helps us help you.

Executive Admin & Project Manager. Ruby is the oil in the engine. She makes sure we all stay on task and have what we need to help you. She literally helps us help you.